Alpine65 Updates


Prototype Updates
- Prototypes will begin production 6/22/19 China Time, there will be videos of production in-action, posted along the way!
- Protos slated to be done by July 1-3, shipping to the US, protos in-hand on July 10th.
- Initial protos will not include the PCB, because I need to confirm dimensions of the case and overall looks in-person before a PCB can be designed, this way the PCB design does not have to change.
- PCB is also slated for Mid July to arrive to me.
Group Buy Info
- Will be hosted on my shopify-powered storefront, www.bitmapstudio.xyz (currently closed)
- Shopify will be offered as the main payment method
- if you really need to use Paypal and have a valid reason for it, contact me to validate.
- Group Buy slated for Late July!
Shipping Info - Shipping is very tentative right now, and obviously no quote or estimate is accurate, but most likely, we will be using DHL express or UPS, both of which are extremely fast methods of shipping  Cost is too volatile right now, cannot give an accurate estimate.