Alpine65 FAQ:

  • Q: When will the Group Buy happen?
  • A: Currently, the projected time is Late July
  • Q: What kind of buyer protection will there be?
  • A: Payments will be processed by Shopify, and you can dispute the charge with your Bank if any issues arise
  • Q: What [colors/pcb/materials/included items] will there be? 
  • A: Please refer to the product page here.
  • Q: I have a suggestion, where should I voice it to?
  • A: Please bring suggestions to our Discord Server!
  • Q: [Question about Board Specs, weight, color, dimensions etc.]
  • A: Please refer to the product page or Discord first before asking!
  • Q: Can we have a demo?
  • A: We will be sending boards to a reviewer, and we will also have a build stream of our own!
  • Q: How much will the board cost
  • A: Most likely $299 + Shipping + Fees (typically 2.9%)
  • Q: What courier will be used for the package?
  • A: DHL or UPS, whichever is cheaper.
  • Q: Where will this be shipping from?
  • A: It will be shipped directly from the factory in China after passing a thorough QC.