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Bitmap Studio's Debut Keyboard.

These units are EXTRAS and will ship immediately.

Introducing: Alpine65
The Alpine65 Keyboard is a Gasket Mounted keyboard in a slightly modified 65% Layout, with a mountain-shaped arrow cluster populating the right side of the keyboard. The Alpine65 will bring with it a variety of plate options and a stunning brass weight while staying an affordable board for all.

The Alpine65 Features:

  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting: Gasket Mount, 6 Gaskets, 12 Pads.
  • Plate Material: Aluminum, Brass, FR4
  • Typing Angle: 6.5 Degree angle is easy on the wrists, but not too flat.
  • PCB: Featuring full QMK compatibility, with VIA preloaded on to the microprocessor. Designed and Programmed by Gondolindrim
  • Hotswap: Uses Kailh Hotswap Sockets for easy changing of switches and greater flexibility in typing feel.
  • Colors: K2 (Black), Mons (Red), Blanc (E-White), Marinas (Dark Navy).
  • Other Features: Foam padding between the PCB and the bottom case for streamlined acoustics, dampening case ping. Foam between PCB and Plate.

Each Alpine65 will include:

  • Premium Anodized top and bottom case.
  • Sandblasted Brass Weight
  • QMK-Compatible, Hotswap PCB (Black)
  • Plate(s) of your choice.
  • 12 Gasket Pads
  • Silicone Rubber Feet
  • Premium Zip-Up Hard Carrying Case
  • 8x Case Screws, 4x Weight Screws
  • 1x Sound-Dampening PCB-Case foam
  • 1x Sound-Dampening PCB-Plate foam

Note: The Alpine65 DOES NOT include Switches, Stabilizers or Keycaps.