Bitmap Studios - 10/23 Updates

Cases, PCBs, Deskmats - Good Things to Come!


  • PCB Revisions Complete - PCB Prototypes done by end of month, will ship with case prototypes.
  • Case Proto R2 Ordered - ETA: TBA
    • 1x E-White, 1x Smokey Black, 1x New Navy color.
  • Changes for R2 Protos
    • Larger Gaskets
    • Thicker Left Bezel
    • PCB-Plate Foam added
  • We will also be testing the following new plates:
    • FR4
    • Polycarbonate (1.5mm)
  • Due to Tariffs, the price of the Alpine65 may be increased marginally.

Alpine Deskmats

  • Manufacturing Almost Complete!
  • Will be shipping to Bitmap Studios via Ocean Shipping.
  • There will be an extremely limited amount of extras.
  • ETA: November


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  • We will now be posting all updates here.


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