Bitmap Studio - 3/17/21 Updates

Alpines arriving soon, Deskmat Information

General Summary of Contents

  • Alpines have arrived in the US and are awaiting Customs Clearance.
  • Monochrome Deskmats have finally arrived
  • Deskmat Extras
  • + More exciting announcements 

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Shipping Information

  • Initial Air Shipment of 30 E-White units have arrived and have already been shipped out.
  • The rest of the units departed China in February and have now arrived in the US, pending Customs Clearance.
    • Large delay at the Los Angeles port, as many shipments are in queue for customs clearance.
    • Alpine65s expected to clear customs by the end of the month and arrive at our location.
    • Updates will be posted frequently on the Discord Server

Extras (Plates and PCBs) Information

  • Extra Plates and PCBs will be available once Alpine has cleared customs. You will have the opportunity to add these to your order and save shipping.
  • These will be FCFS, date TBD and will be announced on the Discord Server.

Extras Information

  • Extra Alpine65 Units will be available after ALL units have been delivered and there are no problems with them. 
  • There will be a moderate (not a lot, but also not very little) amount of extra units.
  • Extras will be announced only on the Discord Server.
  • Pricing will be an additional $60-80 on top of Group Buy price.

Build Guide

  • Please be reminded that we have a Build Guide thanks to our committee member Becca!


Alpine Deskmats

  • These have all arrived!
  • Missing orders and orders that are not 'in transit' are now shipped.
  • Extra Deskmats will be available Sunday at 10AM PST.


Coming Q2 2021.


  • Join 2800+ members on our Discord Server! We have production videos, and update on progress multiple times a week. We have a great community as well!
  • We will now be posting all major updates here.
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